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Below are some election breakdowns of the Decatur County vote in presidential elections as posted in the Greensburg Daily News.

It is interesting to see that the area unlike the rest of the county, Millhousen and/or Marion Township voted for members of the Democratic party for some time.

Election 1920.png

Election 1924.png

Election 1928

Election 1932.jpg

Decatur County Polling Locations in 1936. Layton and Hazelrigg were located on present-day 400 S, between 60 E and US 421[1]

Election 1936.jpg

Election 1948.jpg

The 1952 election was significant, being noted as the "first time in history [the] Millhousen precinct had a majority for the Republican candidate for president."

Election 1952.jpg Election 1956.jpg

Election 1960.jpg

Election 1964.jpg

Election 1968.jpg

Election 1972.jpg

Election 1976.jpg