Farmers Milling Company

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Undated Photo of the Farmers Milling Company[1]

The Farmers Milling Company was a flour mill established in 1918[2] on town lot #28.

The mill's first directors included Bernard W. Zapfe, George M. Scheidler, Anthony Meyer, Bernard Hoeing, John H. Wheeldon, Frank Klosterkemper, and George Fry. $7000 was raised in capital stock for its founding.[2]

The mill would later be known as Smith Bros. Feed Mill after being purchased by Alvin Smith.[1] It was demolished in 2019 and is now a parking lot for the Knights of St. John Hall.

Made in Millhousen, High Patent Flour, Farmers Milling Company, Milhousen, Ind.
24 lb. flour sack from the mill, now on display at Stone's
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