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Millhousen's post office opened in 1844[1]. For many years it was Indiana's smallest post office[2][3] before its closing in 2003[4].

Name Date Appointed
George Rohrs 04/18/1889
Joseph Herbert 05/01/1893
George Rohrs 05/04/1897
Henry Zapfe 06/10/1901
John H Herbert 05/01/1903
Frances Spander 01/25/1908
William F Daily 01/13/1919
Clem Herbert 03/11/1936
John C Herbert 06/02/1936
Urban Fry 08/31/1938
Mrs. Vera J. Walters 10/20/1979
Judy Checkley 09/26/1997




The post office was often run inside of local businesses, including a service station and grocery/liquor store[2].

Post office location changes are listed in the USPS Postal Bulletins and in filings kept in the National Archives (p. 939-943). A list of locations has yet to be compiled.


The Millhousen post office suspended service on October 31, 2003. It was officially discontinued six years later on that date.

The comment listed in the closing notice said, "Post Office discontinued. Retain ZIP Code. Establish a place name. Continue to use Millhousen IN 47261 as last line of address."[7]